Welcome to Insurance Specialists Group, LLC. We are a Wichita, Kansas based Premium Independent Insurance Agency dedicated to serving our client's needs. For many wonderful clients, Insurance Specialists Group has been providing individuals, businesses and organizations with the highest quality insurance products and services available. Unlike many agencies, Insurance Specialists Group is not owned by an insurance company, therefore we provide objective information to consumers and business owners, helping them make informed decisions about their insurance needs. We work with a number of top insurance carriers, assuring that our customers receive competitive rates and comprehensive coverage.

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Here you will find the information of why to use an independent agency over a captive one.

A captive agent is an insurance agent that represents one company's line of products. You are familiar with State Farm, Farmers Insurance, AllState, AmFam, etc... Many of them have great products, but not every product fits every person. They are good at some things and horrible at others, just like every company out there. Some people like BMW's and others Honda's, shouldn't you have the choice?

An Independent agent teams up with many Insurance carriers, many of which have a captive agent network as well. This allows the agent to look at many carriers offerings before selecting the one that fits. No more putting a square peg in a round hole. Every person can drill down to what is important to them and design coverages that suit their needs, not the companies. Independent agents look out for your best interests and many times do not have the pressure of the company to push specific products. Next time you shop for Insurance think Independent first!

The Statistics
Currently Independent agencies represent about 75% of commercial business and 25% of personal lines with Captive agencies representing the rest, although the numbers are beginning to change. Independent agencies are beginning to make a strong move for the personal lines business. That is why today you see an immense amount of insurance commercials. Competition is stiff, so companies, especially Captive ones need to continue to advertise heavily.