1. God and Family come first.
  2. We are committed to understanding our clients and their needs so that we may properly protect their assets.
  3. We are hardworking, trustworthy, friendly and responsive.
    1. We work until the job is done.
    2. We handle our clients in an honest and confidential manner.
    3. Our clients enjoy each and every interaction - they are glad they called us.
    4. We under-promise and over-perform.
  4. We are a goal-focused organization that seeks and embraces changes that help us to achieve our goals.
  5. We pitch in and help each other out.
  6. We honorably invest in our community by joining efforts with organizations who actively support and raise awareness for those in need.
  7. We are competent experts in our field; focused on growing as individuals and as a company.
  8. A positive attitude is everything - we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
  9. We value and actively seek input from all of our associates to improve our business.
  10. We will at all times run our company based on these and other Judeo-Christian principles.